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Dutch Election Up for Grabs

Dutch Election Up for Grabs

The Dutch elections will be held on March 15th, and talk is rampant that this might be the 3rd consensus shifting event, after Brexit and Trump. The Netherlands have been known historically as a liberal and open trading, but like many other European countries, sentiments seem to be shifting, giving rise to "the Party for Freedom: or the PVV.

Geert Wilders, the party's head (and only) member, is focused on a clear anti-immigrant platform, stating "Instead of financing the entire world and people we don't want here, we'll spend the money on ordinary Dutch citizens." He has been steadily gaining support from a voter base that has become fed up with EU leadership, and the Dutch identity direction.

Going into the last week of campaigning, Wilders is slipping in the polls, but competitors have not picked up the slack. This means that even this close to the date, there is no clear winner in sight.

Global Effects

So why does an election in a relatively benign country matter so much? The answer is because it is likely to affect the sentiments leading to the French and German elections coming up this year. At the moment, Brexit and the Trump election were products of dissatisfied and angered voters looking for change, but if this carries on in the European countries, we are looking at a much bigger trend. Such a move, will have major effects on the market that have yet to even bear the full brunt of Brexit and Trump.


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