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The NFP is coming

NFP is coming

We all know the NFP (Non Farm Payroll) is coming this week. The NFP is a report put out by the US Department of Labor indicating how many jobs were lost and gained within the last month either through employment or changes in wages and work hours. The NFP besides being the oldest report, has well established itself as the most significant report released each month and a golden opportunity for traders to capitalize as the market moves in its wake. This week however, promises to be the most exciting release yet.


In December of 2015 the FED raised interest rates for the first time in a decade. All eyes are now turned to see what will happen in 2016 with this major development and the kick off to finding out what is coming our way this year is by far the NFP. This report historically delivers a window into the status of the economy as well as having a very real effect on the direction the economy will turn in the coming weeks and months. The results of the report, being released this Friday, January 8th will no doubt send the market into major fluctuations and help decide the rate by which the FED will continue to raise the interest rates. The market is most affected in gold, equities, and the US dollar, making it an ideal environment for Binary and Pair option trading with numbers spiking more extremely than on any other day.   


With a new year in sight and developments in 2015 leaving everyone on the edge of their seats, predictions for what will happen with the FED and the interest rates are flying. At the end of the day however much of the decision will be based on unemployment numbers, thus making the coming NFP a serious factor and giving traders a chance to get in on one of the most crucial events to shape our fiscal 2016.

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