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KIKO Trading


KIKO options are an innovation exclusive to Stockpair. This trade type does not require the trader to choose an expiry time. The whole trade is based on two price target barriers, a top one, and a bottom one, which YOU can choose the span of. Traders have the option of a low or high span, this means the actual distance between the barriers, as well as the distance from the current asset price to the different barriers.

The trade expires once one of the barriers is hit, whether it takes 60 second, 60 minutes, or 60 days.

If the asset hits the price barrier which you predicted first, it is a Knock In, or in the money. Should the asset hit the opposite barrier first, it is a Knock Out, or out of the money. Thus, the name KIKO- Knock In, Knock Out.


  • You choose if the asset will go UP or Down
  • Choose the span between the barriers. A wider span means the gap between the upper target and lower target will be wider, and the time to hit will most likely be longer.
  • If the asset hits your chosen barrier first it is a KNOCK IN and you are in the money. If it hits the opposite barrier first it is a KNOCK OUT and you do not receive a payout.  
  • Your trade begins once you follow the 4 steps and hit the "TRADE" button


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